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MIZPAH Social Service Organization came into existence in 2006. Like-minded people responding to the divine call to state good news of a hopeful future to the poor came together to found this organization. Since its inception, the organization has been implementing various programmes to improve the living conditions of marginalized communities. MIZPAH SSO places special focus on rural development; and has initiated actions to enhance the quality of living in villages. Nowadays, rhetoric about sustainable rural development abounds in the media. Mere talks or schemes confined to papers will not bring about any change. The challenges in implementing development schemes in rural areas are manifold. These challenges include illiteracy, unemployment, malnutrition, inadequate infrastructure, poor transportation, meagre medical facilities, and fewer means to fulfil (material) fundamental needs like potable water, shelter, clothing, food, sanitation, and security. Sometimes, geographical inaccessibility too poses a huge challenge to developmental efforts. Often, traditionalism/conservatism, superstitions, exploitability, naivety, and the bliss of ignorance hamper the progress of rural communities. It is against this backdrop that MIZPAH SSO has taken concrete steps that contribute to the sustainable development of the rural areas where the organization has its presence. The ongoing and future programmes of the organization intend to bridge the gaps in segments like education, public health and sanitation, women empowerment, safe drinking water, infrastructure development, and employment opportunities.

Our vision is to make this world a better place by helping to create equal opportunities for individuals and communities. We dream about a world wherein every kind of individual or community has access to food, potable water, sanitation, healthcare, infrastructure, education, and employment. We have conceptualized inclusive and sustainable development programmes to help facilitate the distribution of social and material benefits across social groups and categories. Our sustainable development goals also focus on how to help eliminate structural factors that cause and sustain the exclusion and marginalization of vulnerable groups from the mainstream.

We constantly strive to reach out to marginalized and vulnerable groups – women, the elderly, adolescents, youth and children, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, refugees, migrants, and minorities. We plan and implement long-term and short-term projects to enable the deprived sections of Indian society to live with dignity.

Our approach to the mission of developing the community is a realistic one. We have a long-term vision, and to fulfill this vision, we have adopted systematic and scientific methods. To make a panchayat/village economically and socially sustainable, we first identify the issues impeding its progress and then find viable solutions to these issues. We fix a timeframe to implement these solutions.

We prepare detailed project reports and try to complete a project within the allocated budget without compromising quality.

James K Mathew

James K. Mathew hails from Thadiyoor near Thiruvalla in the Pathanamthitta District of Kerala. After graduating from FTS, Manakkala, he associated himself with some prominent organizations and earnestly participated in their humanitarian activities. During childhood itself, a passion to mitigate the sufferings of the economically and socially disadvantaged sections had grown inside his heart. The sights of hapless, poor people struggling to survive on a mere subsistence level haunted him incessantly.

It was this deep-rooted passion to help the poor and needy that inspired him to found MIZPAH Social Service Organization in 2006. His transformational, insightful, and charismatic leadership has been motivating people to partake in his vision, a factor that has been enabling the organization to contribute its mite to the poverty eradication drives of centre and state governments.

James currently lives in Delhi, a strategic location giving him the advantage of efficient coordination of the organization’s activities. He is well travelled and his well-formed worldview determines his every action.


Mr. Shabu
Mr. Shabu


Shabu graduated in Forestry and is currently working as an IFS Officer in Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. During his rich service span of over 30 years, he received exposure to diverse facets of forest management which, among others, included people management and community welfare, specially people in the hinterland and dependent on forests for their survival.  Highlight of his career has been the period spent in various islands of Andamans some of which even lacked basic conveniences.  He converted such challenges to opportunities to empathise with the local residents and serve their needs which has continued unabated in his other posting areas too, as he rejoices connecting with the marginalised & downtrodden people who depend on Forest for their livelihood, to educate them on livelihood opportunities, education, health & hygiene and in the process, attempts to mainstream them with the society.

Shabu firmly believes that as each has received a gift from the Almighty, we must use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.  He has actively participated in rehabilitation programs post natural disasters like Tsunami and also extended professional & personal support to COVID effected people.  Having worked so closely in addressing the needs of the marginalised community, he has an intense great desire to involve himself actively in social service and use his expertise & experience in catering to the needs of hapless people.



Dr Nitish Alex Abraham raised and engendered in Trivandrum, Kerala. After completing his higher secondary education from Trivandrum did his MBBS from abroad in 2018. Started his career as Junior Resident in Oncology BLK MAX Hospital Delhi in 2019 and currently he is working as Resident Doctor in the department of Urology Regional Cancer Center Trivandrum.

While doing his 3rd year MBBS, he got the opportunity to visit one of the distinct off the beaten track village of India in Nandyal district of AP and encountered an undistinguished and dedicated surgeon who was working with his family there for the last 30 years. Since then got the passion to bring light into individuals and the society that are disparaged where they are protected, cared for and given the opportunities to become everything they mean to be.

As a part of Mizpah, he is working forward hand in hand by conducting free medical checkup in the deprived and secluded communities of India; and serve the society regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender as a demonstration of divine unconditional love for all people.


Jude Albert
Jude Albert

Jude Albert, born in Kollam district in Kerala. Master Degree holder in Business Administration.

Jude traveled to all districts in Kerala and also to several states in India as part of conducting social activities and helping the needy. He managed to raise funds and helped many people during natural calamities in the last few years.

This heart and thoughts made to join Mizpah to understand and help more people who are in need and wipeout the tears as much as I can.

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