Mr. Benison was a social worker; he met with an accident ON APRIL 24th, 2021 and died on the spot. After his untimely demise, his wife Renjumol. S struggled to make both ends meet. She worried about how to educate her two sons.

It was then that Mizpah Social Service Organization stepped in. Having come to know about the plight of the family through some sources, our workers visited them at their rented house at Kottayam and assured all guidance and assistance in the children’s education.

Under Mizpah Education Program, the children got all the helps they needed to study in a good school. In the academic year 2022-23, Edwin got admission in 1st standard and Elwin in LKG at Mount Mary School, Kottayam.

We have introduced Mizpah Education Program to help children whose parents find it hard to educate them due to financial problems.

Please, donate as you can to help us educate children from financially weak families.

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